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Sunday, October 23, 2005

Nissan Xterra World Championship

Rank: 3rd (25-29)*Pregnant

2005 - nissan xterra

Not really sure how I ever got into the Xterra World Championships but I did. It was my very first time on a mountain bike EVER! The swim went great, felt a little sea sick but it was gorgeous swimming on Maui. The bike was one wipe out after another and more muddy vomiting than I think my body could take. I was a mess. I flew over my handle bars so many times I decided to just prepare for death because it was on it’s way. At the top I sat on the back of the pick up truck used for the aid station. I tried to talk the boys into giving me a ride down… we hung out drinking water and laughing. Clearly I was not worried about my time, I was too sick. I mean really sick. Once off the bike everything was dizzy and spinning. The run course is so beautiful I wanted to run and tried to run. My bodu just kept falling over though. Once I crossed the line I was done, I just wanted to go to the emergency room. Back to Kona I did see a doctor (And I do NOT visit doctors so to drag myself there I must have been feeling like death). The results came back… I was almost 3 months pregnant… not sure if they explains why I couldn’t ride a mountain bike but it surely explains why I was sea sick.

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